A computer to go to the Moon

I’ve just read a commnent about the complexity of current software and it’s reminded me the discussion this morning about the 80-core processor of Intel and if we actually need such power.

Well, I’m not sure about it, but what do you think about the computer used in the Apollo XI? Yes, the one used in the first manned mission to the Moon. It migth be very complex and powerful, isn’t it?

That computer, the Apollo Guidance Computer (ADC), was a machine with 4Kb of RAM memory and 32Kb of ROM (permanent storage). It used a 16-bit CPU working at 2MHz. It only can execute 8 programs at the same time -compare it with all the services activated in your system, by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Supr and open the Task Manager-.

So, if a computer like this could send a men (well, actually three) to the Moon, what we can do with ours?

(via Microsiervos)