[CostAT] WG1 meeting. Outreach and community building

A couple of presentations from yesterday. Michal S. begins talking about the use of agents to deal with grid resources. Things in common with semantic service. Actually, grid resources can be considered as services. Some points

  • teams (at least a very first core) are created off-line
  • just for local grids? It’s difficult to apply that to global grid (the Internet)
  • centralizzed CIC (matchmaker? useless
  • computational description of machines. But users want their work done and they don’t describe it in terms of CPU model and frequency.
  • trust and cold start problem
  • contract fulfillment
  • how can you check that SLA are met?
  • and real-time considerations too

Adina Magda continues introducing her group AI-MAS lab, in Bucharest Univ.

To do: prepare a document resuming two visions:

  • how SW can help to AT
  • how AT can help to SW

and that focused on the 3 topics that we’ve treated. I’m going to participate in the services part with Alberto and Adina.

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