[CostAT] WG1. Semantics

Coord. Axel Polleres

First a short review of the purpose of this WG. The main challenges are

  • novel ways of semantic alignment
  • take into account agent interaction
  • ontologies+non-monotonic rules for meaning preserving and mergind theories

Main goals

  • integration of ontologies and nonmon rules
  • quering over distributed ontologies (maping rules and lalignmnets)
  • alginment with web standards (RDF, RIF, OWL, SPARQL, SA-WSDL)

Some activities:


Participants (Axel’s remembered to join to the list and subscribe as ‘active member of the WG

Our points

  • services
  • open MAS: organisations
  • content language (magentix) RDF and envelope (FIPA)
  • agreement spaces -> contracts

other intersetng thigs

  • coherence -> rewards, sanctions
  • small world networks (navigable) to distribute

All people explaining thath are they doinjg…. I¡ll take that from the slides


Service matchmaking. Elena is going to work with them.


mode ont. matching as CSP from multiple agents.

Evolution mof ontologies (RS-COE): agreed conceptualisation -> TELEX


Policy specification and enforcement. Not MAS, because it’s applied to sensor network (low compt. power) -> centralised policy. Using PDL (Policy description language). See workshop about contex.


Querying distributed semantic web data. Experiments: Lucene API p SoIR with >1000000 clases (data from Billion Triple Challenge)

Interesting, with a lot of work to do and a lot of things to be learned.

(NOTE: galen ontology -owl- for medical concepts)