[CostAT] WG1 & WG5. Semantics and Trust

This session begins explainig what some participants are doing related with trust because they haven’t finished yet :-(

About semantics… we’ve talk about semantics of datra, services, portocols, policies, preferences, context…

Trust issues related with semantics

  • what is the data I can trust?
  • what is the right ontologyu for me?
  • what is the right alignment for me?

all those reasons are trust issues!!

Some idea: a big black swarn is flying above us. Trust can’t be totally predicted from past interractions (turkey example in Thaksgiving day). How uncertainy can be deal in such scenarios?

Discussion: data is related with trust, or we might talk about reliability? Trust seems to be someting more ‘deliberate’. Is based on the concept on commitment (in an agreement viewpoint)

For EUMAS meeting, two topics

  • Trust in groups
  • Trust in data