EUMAS07. Session 5 and 6

Good morning. Another day in EUMAS, after a stressing dinner. I’ll talk about that, because now its time to work. The topics for today are not specially interesting for me.

Session 5. Semantic Web and e-commerce

Semantic Alignment of Agent Interactions trough the Communication Protocol explores how to use semantical alignment using communication as a complement to other techniques. They assume that (i) all agents participate in the same kind of interaction, (ii) they’re in the same state on the transaction. Interesting, but a bit immature.

And the last author has disappeared. This is becoming a disgusting costume in the EUMAS. I haven’t seen the semantic web nor the e-commerce anywhere. A little deception.

Now its time for a coffee, see you later.

Session 6. Logical Model

A hard (a very hard) session for me. This is the kind of papers that I’d like to write when I get old. I haven’t anything to write. Just to see, to listen and to try to understand something. One more thing: I need a LaTeX plugin for wordpress. I’ll add that to the todo list.

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