EUMAS07. Sessions 1 and 2

Well, I’ll summarise some interesting talks that I’ve seen this morning. In general, all participants seems to be interested in the presentations: a lot of questions that the chair has to interrupt to maintain the session on time. I like it, more that the one in CAEPIA, in Salamanca, some weeks ago (I talked about that).

I’ve attended two sessions: one about trust and reputation and the other about organisations and institutions. As I twittered, the first speaker in the trust session hasn’t appeared, so I had the opportunity of see an interesting speech about agents with hair. You’ll understand that when you see the pictures :-).

A Common Basis for Agents Organisations in BDI Language.
(Also knows as hairy agents :-) Defines a basic agent as a tuple <S, SP> where S is the state and SP the behavioural specifications. And now they extends the state S with the content (Ct) and the context (Cx) of the agent. With this approach, is interesting to see how two agents intersect or how agents can be embedded into others, allowing us to define organisations.

After this paper, we continue in the trust session with the following two talks.

Supporting Experimentation for Trust Models in Virtual Organisations: TOAST

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