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Enforcing Security in the AgentScape Middleware
AgentScape is a middlewareto create agent-based applications and in this paper they’re showing how threads can be managed by using the security architecture for AgentScape. He begins with the architecture (see in AgentScape web wite).Two basic problemas: malicious hosts and malicious agents. SO basic sec. requirements are (i) authentification, (ii) integrity-migration- and (iii) authorisation.

Developing Intelligent Agents in Android Platform
Well, this is mine, so I’ll write it later :-)

Magentix: a Multiagent Platform Integrated in Linux
I know that, so I haven’t a lot of things to say. Magentix is an agent platform that are focus en scalability and efficiency, so it is quite integrated with the operative systems instead of using middleware (what will get him into trouble in a moment ;-). AMS (white pages) and DF (yellow pages) are distributed in different hosts and all that information is replicated (I hate that). Something interesting is how organisations are managed by the platform by the Organisational Unit Manager (OUM).

Only a question… what’s new on that? It sounds to me a lot!

From the assistants: about the RDF codification of messages (performance); problems: interoperability, integration with other tools, and AN ENVIRONMENT FOR PROGRAMMING DIFFERENT THAT VI!!!! ; other about scalability with AMS distribution in large systems (I said it!). And the last one, why comparing only with JADE.

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