The first IBM PC

Well… I think I’m getting nostalic while I review computer’s history :-D I’ve found the original firsts IBM PC ads, back in the 80s. Besides the models seem to have come out from «Eight Is Enough», the features of those machines was laughable.

It’d got an 8088 CPU at 4.77 MHz, 16 Kb of RAM memory (up to 256Kb), two diskette drives for 5¼», 160 Kb floppy disks and a green phosphor screen (Hercules, I guess).

If I compare it with a current common computer (for instance, my new computer ;-) –3,200 MHz CPU, 1 Gb of RAM (1,048,576 Kb) and a 200 Gb hard disk (209,715,200 Kb)– you can realize how computers have evolved in the last 25 years.

What the future has in store? If we aply the same rates, by the IBM PC golden wedding we’ll have personal computers with frequences around 2.000 GHz, 64 Terabytes ( 65,536 Gb) of RAM memory and 250 petabytes (256,000 Tb) hard disks. Roughly speaking all the printed material (see Data Powers of Ten and How Much Information? 2003)

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