About me

My name is Miguel Rebollo. I am an associate professor at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV). I teach at the School of Computer Science, in the Industrial Informatics and Robotics Degree.

I am attached to the Valencian Institute for Research in Artificial Intelligence (VRAIN), where I accomplish my research.

I have a PhD in Computer Science from the UPV (2004) and a PhD in Complex Systems from the UPM (2019). Since starting, I have researched artificial intelligence, specifically agents and multi-agent systems. On the other hand, I am interested in complex network analysis and, from the combination of the two, complex adaptive systems and socio-technical ones. I have always been attracted to everything related to chaos. Lately, I have also been learning about quantum computing.

A little further on, you have information about the classes I teach, the research projects I am involved in, and the publications I have done so far. There are not many, so I can put them all without any problem ;-)

Finally, I provide information about locating me at the campus. It isn’t an easy task, I assure you.