EBE09. David Karp. Tumblr

A conference in english at EBE. Unexpected (well, not totally), so I’ll jot down things in english, sorry for that.

Some numbers about tumblr… big numbers actually, with 85% of active users.

BLogging is for consumers, not for publishers any more. Well, blogs have been that from the veryu beginning: an oportunity for anyone to have voice in the web. WHy is tumblr a blog? He wants something more that the rest of tools provide, something related with identity. It’s very easy to share things on the web, but using a lot of differente and unconnected services.

Tumblr allows you to share eny kind of media: test, photo, audio, video… with total freedom of expression. You can post anything and customize all the aspects of your site (even applying your own styles) Something missing: comments. Maybe a bit diffucult toi manage, so they’re replaced by fixed interaction types: like, answer, photo-reply and reblog. And the get a possitive predominant tone in the conversations inside tumblr.
They have 3 times more interactions than the average in common blogs. As consequence, the content of tumblr goes viral constantly.

An interesting speech showing how simple things can do it better. But may be this kind of things are more difficult in Spain.

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